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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has emerged as a global hub for business and investment. Setting up and operating a company in the UAE, however, involves navigating through complex legal procedures and complying with various regulations. This is where professional services, commonly known as Pro Services, play a vital role. In this article, we will explore the significance of Pro Services in the UAE and how Zara Biz Services can assist businesses and individuals in streamlining their operations.

Pro Services refer to a range of professional support services that help businesses and individuals in dealing with government departments, agencies, and authorities in the UAE. These services are designed to simplify administrative tasks, ensure compliance with legal requirements, and expedite the overall process. Zara Biz Services, a leading provider of Pro Services in the UAE, offers comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific needs of businesses and individuals.

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      Company Formation and Registration

      Zara Biz Services assists clients in setting up various types of companies, such as mainland companies, free zone entities, and offshore companies. They handle the entire incorporation process, including document preparation, submission to relevant authorities, and obtaining the necessary licenses and permits.

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      Visa Processing

      Obtaining visas for employees, investors, or dependents can be a complex and time-consuming process. Zara Biz Services simplifies this procedure by managing visa applications, renewals, cancellations, and amendments. They ensure compliance with the UAE’s immigration regulations and strive to expedite the visa processing timeline.

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      Immigration Services

      For individuals seeking to live and work in the UAE, Zara Biz Services offers comprehensive immigration services. They assist with residence visa applications, Emirates ID issuance, family sponsorship, and other immigration-related procedures. Their team navigates the intricacies of the immigration system, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for clients.

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      Licensing and Permits

      Different industries and business activities require specific licenses and permits to operate legally in the UAE. Zara Biz Services helps clients identify the necessary licenses and guides them through the application process. They liaise with the relevant authorities, ensuring compliance with regulations and facilitating the timely issuance of licenses.

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      PRO Support

      Zara Biz Services provides dedicated PRO support to businesses, acting as a liaison between clients and government entities. Their PRO team handles document attestations, translations, notarizations, and other administrative tasks. This relieves businesses from the burden of managing these processes independently and saves valuable time and effort.

    Support Service

    Benefits of Pro Services in UAE

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      Convenience and Time-saving

      Availing Pro Services from Zara Biz Services offers convenience and significant time savings. Rather than dealing with multiple government departments and authorities individually, clients can rely on the expertise of Pro Service providers to handle the paperwork, submissions, and follow-ups. This frees up valuable time for businesses and individuals to concentrate on their strategic objectives.

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      Legal Compliance

      Compliance with legal requirements is crucial for any business operating in the UAE. Pro Service providers ensure that all necessary documents, permits, and licenses are obtained, and the company’s operations align with the relevant regulations. By engaging Pro Services, businesses can avoid costly mistakes and penalties that may arise from non-compliance.

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      Professional Expertise

      Pro Service providers like Zara Biz Services have a team of experienced professionals well-versed in the intricacies of UAE’s legal and administrative processes. They possess in-depth knowledge of the latest regulations, updates, and best practices. This expertise allows them to offer valuable guidance and advice to clients, ensuring smooth operations and mitigating potential risks.


    Why Choose Zara Business?

    • Experienced Professionals

      Our team of experts has years of experience in the field, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

    • Personalized Service

      We offer personalized services tailored to your business needs, ensuring a smooth setup process.

    • Competitive Pricing

      We offer competitive pricing for our services, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

    • Transparent Processes

      Transparent processes refer to operations that are open, visible, and accessible to all stakeholders.

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    Just 4 Steps To Start Your Company in a UAE Freezone

    Here is how you may establish your ideal business in the UAE and take advantage of 100% foreign ownership:

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      Registering Company Name

    • Business-License-12

       Get a Business License

    • Apply-for-relevant-visas

      Processing Visa Applications

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      Opening a Bank Account

    Some of the Popular Services and Licenses in Dubai

    Starting a business in the UAE is a tough challenge, and cost should be the last thing on your mind. The cost of forming a company in the UAE is determined by several factors, and we have tailored our packages to your specific needs. Check out Our Best Packages for Company Registration in the UAE.

    Business Setup in Free Zone

    AED 5,500
    Pricing includes coverage for users
    • 100% Ownership
    • 0% Corporate Or Personal Tax
    • Companies Will Be Limited Liability
    • Multiple Shareholders
    • Trade Name Will Be Issued With Suffix LLC
    • Presence Of Shareholders Not Mandatory
    • No NOC Required
    • Trade License Cost
    • Shared Desk

    Business Setup in Mainland

    AED 10,999
    Pricing includes coverage for users
    • 100% ownership of the business and 0% corporate & income tax:
    • 100% Foreign Company Ownership
    • No Limit on the Number of Visas
    • Investor visa
    • No Capital Needed for the Formation
    • Possibility of Working on Government Projects

    Any Trading Commercial License

    AED 12,999
    Pricing includes coverage for users
    • 100% ownership of the business and 0% corporate & income tax:
    • Dubai Commercial License
    • DED License Govt Fees*
    • Registration Fees
    • 100% Ownership
    • Eligible for Investors Visa
    • Free company stamp
    • Virtual Office Address
    • Vat Registration Assistance
    • Business Bank Account Assistance